John Faircloth

Campaign Contributions

For credit card contributibutions, please click the Priyx link.
  Credit Card Contributions


If you would like to help John Faircloth's campaign for North Carolina House of Representatives District 61, please print the contribution slip below and mail to:

Committee to Elect John Faircloth
P.O. Box 5972
High Point, NC 27262

I want to do my part to help John Faircloth’s Campaign for House District 61.
Here is my contribution for:

$500 ____ $250 ____ $100 ____ $50 ____ $25 ____ Other Amount: $________

Please make checks or money orders payable to:

Committee to Elect John Faircloth

In lieu of a monetary contribution I do want to help with John’s election by:

Making phone calls to potential voters.

Distributing literature and speaking to voters in my precinct.

Locating sites for placement of campaign signs.

Delivering campaign signs and picking up signs after election.

Greeting voters at a polling site on election day.

Other: _____________________________________________

Name of Contributor: _____________________________________________

Phone #:____________________

Address: (street, city, state & zip)_____________________________________________

Occupation: _______________________________________________

Email address:________________________

Note: For Contributions of over $50, the contributor’s name, address & occupation must be reported to the State Board of Elections.