John Faircloth

Re-Elect John Faircloth

NC House of Representatives, District 61, Guilford County


It has been my honor and pleasure to serve the citizens of Guilford County and North Carolina in public offices for more than 40 years. My formal education, my years as Chief of Police and my 3-term service on City Council provided a strong concentration in policy development, budgeting and oversight. My three terms as State Representative have afforded me the opportunity to bring my leadership and abilities to the committees and the floor of the House resulting in passage of legislation vital to the future of our state.

As a successful private family business owner, I understand serving clients, making payrolls, and pursuing a reasonable profit for our company. I view the business of government with an eye toward effective and efficient public policy and public funding.

I am a conservative and a strong proponent of a free market economy. I oppose unnecessary regulation, taxation, and unbridled spending that zaps our entrepreneurial spirit and undercuts our middle class. Government should inspire and assist businesses to invest and to put people back to work. Citizens at work can solve many of our problems. Businesses at work can prosper and build our tax base without burdensome tax increases.

Public safety is paramount. An unsafe community cannot function well or provide quality of life for its citizens. I support strong, honest law enforcement and dedicated prosecutors and judges who follow the rule of law and respect the Constitution.

I support a public school system with devoted teachers, properly compensated, who produce well educated students, prepared to compete in society and a world economy. I also, however, defend a parent’s right to choose alternative school education if the public system is, in their eyes, failing its purpose. Scarce tax dollars committed to funding public education must be directed toward the classroom. The needs of both the vocational and the college-bound students must be addressed with equal determination so as to provide the workers and craftsmen of the future as well as the business owners and professionals. We must not shortchange our children.

Our nation and state are the envy of the world because of years of hard work and dedication to purpose by our senior citizens. We also daily depend on the high level of protection from harm provided us by our heroic military veterans. In thanks to both groups, their health and financial issues must be fairly and consistently addressed. If we fail them, we fail as a society.

I look forward to another term in service to all my fellow citizens of North Carolina and particularly of House District 61. Thank you in advance for your support and for your vote. I will continue to represent you well.